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Can Yahoo Mail work with Outlook over IMAP

January 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, it used to! However, it seems that IMAP support was always a beta program, and thus not supported.

It does seem that Yahoo operate IMAP servers at port 143, and for SSL port 993. However, you need to add a non-standard command string in your mail client for Yahoo to talk to it.

Of all the places to look for it, I didn’t think there’d be a dedicated Wikipedia article, but there is:!_Mail#Free_IMAP_and_SMTPs_access

However – whether there’s a trick for this specifically in Outlook (2003), appears to remain elusive.

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Yahoo Autosync (Intellisync) no longer working

July 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Connection to Yahoo server lostYahoo Autosync seems to be another of those services that Yahoo paid for during the boom times, but seem to have forgotten about long ago (like Yahoo Desktop Search). As with YDS, it was possible to find old installers lying around, and the service itself still worked, but it now seems to be having problems.

I depend on YDS for syncing the Yahoo Mail/Calendar account that my partner and I share, with a secondary Outlook calendar (my primary one being my main work Exchange account). That way, I can easily view what both I, and we, are up to, and copy across appointments so that my partner knows which flights I’m taking, etc. etc.

However, Yahoo Sync now reports “Connection to Yahoo Server was lost”, and the log file shows:

LOG_ERROR 2009:07:24_17:33:44 File: XMLHelper.cpp (line 95)
Error while parsing response from server:junk after document element at line 1
LOG_ERROR 2009:07:24_17:34:03 File: ErrorMessage.cpp (line 191)

Not good!

So I’m now up Relationship Creek without an calendar sync paddle. How long before I miss an appointment, and end up on the rocks? I can get by with my iPhone, which does great sync with Yahoos’ beta CalDAV servers, but then the entry’s in one or the other – iPhone doesn’t support copy/pasting an entry so that it’s in BOTH.

Syncing iPhone with SyncML – Funambol rocks!

June 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Ok, so here’s the scenario.

I have two phones. One is my new iPhone. The other is an old SonyEricsson K610i. I’m using the iPhone for data, email, and exchange sync, and the K610i for voice.

So how do I sync the contacts between these, and keep them up to date?

Well… I was hoping to use Yahoo – my mail Webmail account is Yahoo, I use Yahoo Desktop sync for syncing a shared calendar in another account with a second Outlook calendar. But because I need to keep that, I couldn’t also use the app to sync a second account.

So I found Funambol. First, I went to the website and set up an account. By doing this, it sent an SMS to my mobile (the dumb K610i) with all the SyncML settings needed to connect and sync – even username/password. I accepted this, only changing the data account used, and removing the calendar sync.

I installed the iPhone app, and with a single run, it immediately sent my entire address book up to their servers.

Then I hit sync on the K610i, and it immediately downloaded the same 560 contacts!

All looks fine. The K610i has a few entries at the top with “No name”, but that’s because they have a company name, but no Full Name. Something most phones handle, but not this old one.

So – mobile cross-device contact sync in 10 minutes. And if I receive a new contact, I can just hit sync on both. Fantastic!

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