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ICS Control saves the day

December 29, 2009 Leave a comment

OK, so now I know why I kept my HTC TYTN II (V1615). It wasn’t just the memories…. Nope. Thanks to moving to a new house at the bottom of a hill, we’re just in a dead-spot, and have no in-house 3G coverage. Since we also have no broadband due to BT and Virgin having a backlog of installations for Christmas, we’re sat waiting for 2 weeks with barely a GPRS signal for t’internet.

Enter my T-Mobile SIM card, HTC TYTN II, and the ICS Control software. I’ve propped up the phone in the front window, where we get a flakey HSDPA signal, and run ICS Control. With it running, and the TYTN broadcasting as an ad-hoc peer-to-peer WiFi server, it acts as a mini internet access point relay. It’s actually quite impressive – it’s always-on, low-power, small and unobtrusive, we can connect to it anywhere in the house from multiple laptops at once, the speeds are fine for browsing, lag is low, and it all goes on one prepay card’s bill.

However – it’s not perfect. The WiFi signal occasionally disappears and comes back – sometimes with an IP address, sometimes not. I’ll basically have to reconnect a few times every 15-30 minutes, and restart the program or find the phone rebooting itself, every few hours.

I’ve looked for updates, but there are none for ICS Control. Later WM mobiles do have better ICS software built-in, but I’m not sure they cover WiFi broadcast like this does. A dedicated pocket mobile 3G hotspot would also work, but hey… I’m on a budget here!


WMMiniGPS Review – tryout

June 23, 2008 Leave a comment

Windows Mobile Mini GPS ScreenshotI’ve been looking for a way to standardise the way I record my training runs. I’ve used, and for the London Marathon a few years back I used my wristwatch, checking off mile markers that I’d identified previously on Google Maps.

They both worked reasonably well, but in this age of mobile-phone-does-everything-ness, couldn’t I use my Windows Mobile HTC TYTN II with in-built GPS to track my runs?

Well – yes, and no. I’ve found a great app to datalog the GPS data as I travel – basically, exactly what’s needed. WMMiniGPS is a satisfyingly lightweight app that just logs your GPS feed – that’s all you need, and that’s all it does. It also exports to .GPX and .KML for Google Earth, which is really useful. The screen shows real-time GPS info, including speed and position. Fantastic.

And here’s my run on Google Earth. Looks good, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s just a track – I can’t see any way of drilling down into the data points to read speed and position – I suspect the export simplifies it to just Lat/Long coordinates, and loses the rest. So – my hopes of harnessing whatever statistical analysis tools that are out there for measuring average speed, speed over distance, etc. could be dashed. I’ll have to investigate further.

The other thing is that, of course, you need to leave your mobile on while you’re logging the course – so a change of settings to disable my auto sleep mode, and lock the touchscreen before setting off, were necessary.

Still – potentially, a very useful, simple app; simple, effective, DoesWhatItSaysOnTheTin. Try it out!