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A simple way to add lights to your Spykee / Rovio?

January 16, 2009 1 comment

I’ve had an interesting idea for mounting lighting on my Spykee…

The problem is not how to fit a light, but how to control it by turning it on and off when you need to. So I came up with this idea:

Basically, it’s a motion-sensitive, battery-powered night light. You’re supposed to mount it in places like cupboards, so that when you open the door, the light comes on.

However – in this case, the motion will be provided by the environment around the Spykee, as it moves. Hopefully, I can stick a couple of these on the front, and although it’s dark when I connect, as soon as it starts driving, the lights should come on.

I have one at home already, so I’ll give it a go this weekend and provide feedback on whether it works. Definitely no warranty invalidation with this one.

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Still no Sign of Spykee

April 8, 2008 Leave a comment

I shall name him.... The Meccano Spykee, Spyke, or Skype (if you typo it, like I do), promised mid-2007, is still a distant speck on the horizon… have an estimated release of 30/07/08 – and they probably meant 31/07, but forgot July has 31 days.

Anyway, I digress. If you’ve been eagerly awaiting this robot for the past year or so, then Meccano are able to help… with the Spykee Micro!

True, you can’t control it from the Internet, WiFi, Spyke, auto-recharge it… or anything else, really… but on the upside, it is only £19.99, and available from next week from (promise!).

Or, you can wait for the real thing.

For a lot longer.