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iCloud Restore on iPhone iOS – 48 hours later

January 30, 2012 Leave a comment

The other night, I reset my iPhone’s settings. And found myself needing to restore from backup.

Now – I had done this for my iPad 2, which I back up to my laptop’s iTunes, and that had taken around 5 minutes to restore, and another 30 for the 150-odd apps to re-sync afterwards.

My iPhone was backed up to iCloud, reportedly using 3.0GB, so I expected that might be a bit slower….

Boy, was I in for a surprise.

In the Bad Old Days of Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, we used to joke about the Microsoft Progress Bars… you know, the ones that turned out to have no connection to how long the task would really take. They’d race ahead, showing good progress, and then sit for minutes and minutes with the progress bar not moving at all.

This is nothing, compared to iCloud.

Firstly, it took at least 10 minutes for the iPhone to report any time estimate at all. When it did, it was “6 hours”. Not good. I was due to go out for the day, so I left my phone restoring over home wifi, and took my iPad to work.

When I got back, ten hours later, had it completed? Heck, no… it still said “2 hours”…

By the evening (4 hours later), it was down to “42 minutes remaining…”

By the time I went to bed, another six hours later, it was saying “under a minute remaining”. As it had been for the previous hour.

When I woke up, 6 hours later… it still reported “under a minute remaining”. That’s TWENTY-FOUR HOURS from start!

I gave up. I reset my phone and started from scratch. And then thought to check whether my laptop still had a backup from before I started using iCloud. It does – from 3 weeks ago. I’m currently restoring that, and it’s forecast to take 30 minutes.

In retrospect, I should have tested this before, rather than waiting until I actually needed it – as you always should for backups. Now – I have no idea why my restore was THAT slow – my internet connection isn’t great (10Mbps, usually), but 3.0GB isn’t that huge a size.

iCloud Backup? Never again. I’m keeping my backups where I have control of them.


VStuff – stuffs up your bandwidth

April 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Recently I’ve often been finding my internet connection really, really slow. Looking at my bandwidth usage, I saw that the upstream was flat out – 512kbps plus – and so any web browsing, email, etc. was slow. However, if I tried a speed tester, or watched video, this was usually fine – as my downstream, and internet connection, was OK.

I killed all programs on my computer that were associated with the internet: Orb, Vstuff, Dropbox… they all went. Still, the stream of data going out of my system continued. I feared a trojan, something stealing my data…

Finally, I got round to installing Wireshark on my desktop. Fired it up, and I was watching every single packet that was going into and out of my desktop connection. And almost all were over SSL to a 70. address. Ouch!

So – I did an nslookup on that 70. address, and it came up with a server at Steek. Now, Steek are a French company (bought by F-Secure last year) that do online backup – and who Virgin Media use for their VStuff service. So – evidently, it was Steek who was burning up my upstream sending all my data to their servers. Despite it saying my account was 90% full, and having done this for weeks. What were they sending??

It’s more worrying that it took my skills as an IT Networking guy to discover what was going on. Most users would just notice the slow internet, and wonder why. The VStuff app has little to say what it’s doing. And – note – I had killed the app, and the tray icon, and yet somewhere in the bowls of the system, a hidden service kept sending the data.

I’ve since removed the app, and I hope it’s worked. If I see that upstream surge again, I’ll be even more worried!