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Aliph Jawbone 2 (New) 30 second review

July 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Only had it 12 hours so far, and my thoughts (using it with an HTC TYTN II):

  • Beautifully small and light
  • Fits very comfortably on my ear – slides on easily, and I really can wear it all day. It’s lighter than my previous favourite, the HBH-610 fitted with an HBH-65 ear loop.
  • Mike noise reduction seems at least as good – made a phone call from the train, and the called party had no complaints
  • Cool looking, not overstated, very cool LED
  • Received sound / speaker sound is at least as bad as the old one – quiet and scratchy, but not as tinny. Apparently this varies by device, so might be better with a Blackberry, etc.
  • Charger is very similar to the first Jawbone’s but the magnetic attacher is much easier to use; no more headset-wrestling as you’re trying to detach it.

Also – I remember some complaints on other reviews about having to push the rear (NoiseAssasin) button so hard you have to surgically remove the headset from the ear canal. Top Tip to avoid this: the documentation is misleading – it seems you have to push against the side fascia of the headset, at the rear, but that’s just because all their diagrams are ‘side-on’ views. The button’s actually on the end of the headset – so you should press on the end, not on the side, for this button. 🙂

It’s a very nice, practical, wearable headset – so far. My two big gripes are:

  • Speaker sound still isn’t great
  • Only practically usable with one device; you have to repair to use another.

Jawbone Update

May 14, 2008 Leave a comment

Another 24 hours, another few calls.

The Jawbone‘s doing OK now I’m used to the tinny sound – something I’ve learnt is handset dependant. However, another shock as I found there’s no Mute function, and it only pairs with one handset/PC at a time. So it’s useless for multi-handset or handset-and-Skype use.

So I’m getting another headset, perhaps to work alongside this one. Updates on the Plantronics 520 to come (once I get one)…

A Jawbone says What?

May 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

‘Cos if it said something, I couldn’t hear it.

The Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset. Everyone wants one. Everyone else has got one… in my office, at least. I read some moderately conservative reviews on places like, but since I’m without any headset at all right now, and the Jawbone is expensive enough that it has to be good, I went out on a whim and bought one.

Silly, silly, silly.

My first impressions after 12 hours’ use? Well – it’s a pain to extract from the charger. It’s a pain to put on my ear… perhaps tougher than the Jabra BT250, and we all know what contortions are required to slip that on (caveat: before you get used to it, of course) – but actually, once there, it’s pretty comfortable; haven’t tried running with it yet, though.

More disappointingly, and most surprisingly, the volume isn’t only quiet; the sound quality with my HTC TYTN II is terrible! Scratchy, tinny… and I’m comparing this to my ancient, smaller HBH-65!

I’ll keep at it for now – the trouble with this thing is, once it’s gone in your ear, it’s pretty hard to sell secondhand. I wouldn’t buy a used one! On the plus side, the bluetooth range seems reasonable compared to my HBH-610.

As for the much-trumpeted microphone noise cancellation? Well – I didn’t try using it near any leaf-blowers, ‘weed-whackers’ (strimmers), or even in my car at 80mph with the roof down. I used it talking to my Mum while doing the washing up. Her response: “I can hear you OK, but I have to listen carefully“.

Not worth the money, it seems – but I’ll stick with it. Yet to test with Skype, multiple handsets (Handsfree Bluetooth Profile only, at first glance), and all that good stuff.

Roll on the Plantronics 520….