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Canon MX860 – images appear washed out

June 30, 2009 Leave a comment

So, I’m now trying to use my Canon in anger, to scan some documents, and have found something that is actually making me angry.Canon MX860 Image Overcorrection Example

If you scan a colour document, it will perform some kind of optimisation that will wash out normal colours; it seems to apply contrast and brightening in one. I expect this is for archiving/smaller file size/better OCR performance. This didn’t seem so bad, but then it came to scanning some receipts and an MOT document. Anything with faint machine-type, became almost unreadable once scanned.

Some playing around, revealed that it IS capable of scanning with ‘normal’ contrast, but this is actually quite difficult. If I force it into photo mode, then it doesn’t apply the colour correction, and faint type is still visible.

However – that’s easier said than done. For example:
– If scanning to the MP Navigator software, it’ll automatically use the Document mode: even if I tell it to scan colour photo, and turn all correction off
– If scanning direct to memory card, then there are 4 options: Document (Platen), Photo (Platen), Document (ADF Simplex), Document (ADF Duplex). Of these, only Photo (Platen) gives the required results. Of course, that means there’s no ADF option for scanning without washed-out effects
– If scanning using other software (eg. MS Office Scanning), then there are two driver untitledoptions. The native one (Canon MX860 ser_xxxxx) gives the same washed-out appearance as before. The WIA Driver (Canon MX860 WIA, Windows-compatible) DOES keep the detail in the picture. However – THAT driver doesn’t support the ADF, or any other scanner features. Even playing around with MS Office Scanning, the best I can get is to scan one side, then feed the paper back in the other way around, and scan the other. So why pay for the duplex ADF?

I’ve phoned Canon Support – and a UK-based agent answered within 2 minutes, which was really impressive. However – they tell me there’s absolutely no way of changing the default settings on the scanner itself, so I’m restricted to this basic, manual method of scanning.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment below.


Using a Canon MX860 with Checkpoint SecurRemote

June 17, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I posted, but I thought I’d just mention this.

I’ve just bought a Canon MX860. So far, a beautiful all-in-one; the ability to print a photo contact sheet direct from the memory card, let you tick/check the photos you want on the paper sheet, and then scan it back in for it to analyse, and print out your order, is in my book, rather cool. I’ll still order my photos from Photobox because it’s cheaper and the ink may fade less, but still, rather cool.

However – the pain is that while it installed easily on one laptop, it didn’t on my main laptop. After a methodological step-through, it seemed that the culprit was Checkpoint SecurRemote. Although I had disconnected from our VPN, closed the System Tray app, and stopped the two Checkpoint Services, it still couldn’t detect the printer on my home network.

However – once I unbound the Checkpoint binding from the Wireless Network adapter I’m using in my home network – it picked it up. Evidentally, as long as Checkpoint has any influence at all, it’s enough to block whichever ports the printer uses.

I’ve since finished the printer configuration, and I’ve now re-enabled Checkpoint in all forms, and connected to the VPN, and they’re still talking… I haven’t rebooted to finish installation, so we’ll see what that brings.

Also note that I disabled a few other things, which MAY have had an influence: Symantec Firewall/AV, and VMWare Network bindings. They’re all back on as well, though.