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Yahoo Autosync (Intellisync) no longer working

July 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Connection to Yahoo server lostYahoo Autosync seems to be another of those services that Yahoo paid for during the boom times, but seem to have forgotten about long ago (like Yahoo Desktop Search). As with YDS, it was possible to find old installers lying around, and the service itself still worked, but it now seems to be having problems.

I depend on YDS for syncing the Yahoo Mail/Calendar account that my partner and I share, with a secondary Outlook calendar (my primary one being my main work Exchange account). That way, I can easily view what both I, and we, are up to, and copy across appointments so that my partner knows which flights I’m taking, etc. etc.

However, Yahoo Sync now reports “Connection to Yahoo Server was lost”, and the log file shows:

LOG_ERROR 2009:07:24_17:33:44 File: XMLHelper.cpp (line 95)
Error while parsing response from server:junk after document element at line 1
LOG_ERROR 2009:07:24_17:34:03 File: ErrorMessage.cpp (line 191)

Not good!

So I’m now up Relationship Creek without an calendar sync paddle. How long before I miss an appointment, and end up on the rocks? I can get by with my iPhone, which does great sync with Yahoos’ beta CalDAV servers, but then the entry’s in one or the other – iPhone doesn’t support copy/pasting an entry so that it’s in BOTH.


Setting up Yahoo Caldav calendr sync with iPhone 3.0

June 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Since I upgraded to 3.0, I thought I’d try out the new sync feature that Yahoo are said to support.

Well… It didn’t work. I tried repeatedly, but it continued to report that “Verification failed”. A bit of googling and looking around showed many has the same problem.

However – I have now managed to get it set up. Here’s what I found:
– The default settings it gives you if you just type “Yahoo” into the server field, do work
– It works with SSL on
– The crucial point for me, was enabling the Yahoo beta! You’ll need to go to Yahoo Switch and enabled it
– Once you’ve done this, go back to setup on your iPhone, and set up the Caldav sync again. It should now work, pretty much immediately

– If, like me, you accidentally restore your iPhone config to before the sync was set up, you may find that it fails as before when you try to re-set up the aync. If so – then you need to go to Yahoo Calendar on the web, switch it back to the old version (Warning: losing any new content), then re-enable the new version again, and then re-set it up on the iPhone as before. At least, this is what I tried first, and it worked for me.

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