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Jawbone Update

May 14, 2008 Leave a comment

Another 24 hours, another few calls.

The Jawbone‘s doing OK now I’m used to the tinny sound – something I’ve learnt is handset dependant. However, another shock as I found there’s no Mute function, and it only pairs with one handset/PC at a time. So it’s useless for multi-handset or handset-and-Skype use.

So I’m getting another headset, perhaps to work alongside this one. Updates on the Plantronics 520 to come (once I get one)…


A Jawbone says What?

May 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

‘Cos if it said something, I couldn’t hear it.

The Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset. Everyone wants one. Everyone else has got one… in my office, at least. I read some moderately conservative reviews on places like, but since I’m without any headset at all right now, and the Jawbone is expensive enough that it has to be good, I went out on a whim and bought one.

Silly, silly, silly.

My first impressions after 12 hours’ use? Well – it’s a pain to extract from the charger. It’s a pain to put on my ear… perhaps tougher than the Jabra BT250, and we all know what contortions are required to slip that on (caveat: before you get used to it, of course) – but actually, once there, it’s pretty comfortable; haven’t tried running with it yet, though.

More disappointingly, and most surprisingly, the volume isn’t only quiet; the sound quality with my HTC TYTN II is terrible! Scratchy, tinny… and I’m comparing this to my ancient, smaller HBH-65!

I’ll keep at it for now – the trouble with this thing is, once it’s gone in your ear, it’s pretty hard to sell secondhand. I wouldn’t buy a used one! On the plus side, the bluetooth range seems reasonable compared to my HBH-610.

As for the much-trumpeted microphone noise cancellation? Well – I didn’t try using it near any leaf-blowers, ‘weed-whackers’ (strimmers), or even in my car at 80mph with the roof down. I used it talking to my Mum while doing the washing up. Her response: “I can hear you OK, but I have to listen carefully“.

Not worth the money, it seems – but I’ll stick with it. Yet to test with Skype, multiple handsets (Handsfree Bluetooth Profile only, at first glance), and all that good stuff.

Roll on the Plantronics 520….