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iSSH – the only iPhone SSH/RDP/VNC app you need

August 6, 2013 Leave a comment

The name is misleading – this does SSH, but also RDP and VNC as well. In fact, just the RDP capability (Remote MS Windows Control) is far more powerful than a more expensive and popular RDP-only app I used to use.

I use this one app for all my Windows and Unix servers – from my home desktop to my media centre, RPi, and Amazon instances. It’s fantastic and excellent value.

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Rewardle Cafe Loyalty App Review

July 5, 2013 Leave a comment

A cool local place uses this, so I signed up to get points there. However, I’ve just realised I didn’t get them because… I dunno. I didn’t scan the cafe’s registration code first, or something.

It has very cool features, like letting the cafe’s tablet scan your phone’s ID, or scanning a code on the till counter so the barista can see how many coffees you’re registering – very cool tech and app… but TOO HARD. It’s tech for tech’s sake. It also does not have pre-ordering (BeatTheQ) or an eWallet (BeatTheQ, eCoffeeCard).

Many cafe’s use eCoffeeCard, and I’ll choose those over others because I have the app and I use it – ideally I’ll prepay by card because I can track my spend. Rewardle adds no benefit to me over this, is fiddly to use, and has missed the boat.

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Microsoft OneNote for iPhone review

August 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Onenote is great… On the desktop. The mobile app is a “bare minimum” but could be so much more.

I use Treepad, have tried Evernote, and looked at a thousand other apps. Onenote seems to be doing it for me, and the desktop app supports basic hierarchical structures, inline graphics and RTF, attachments, etc. It even recognises text in images, like Evernote. The fact other MS Office users will have it, makes sharing easier, compared to trying to get them to install/use/pay another app.

What impresses me with the mobile app is the sync – I took a photo of an item, and literally watched it pop up on the desktop app inside the page I was looking at. It also stores everything offline in the phone.

What doesn’t impress me – unlike the desktop app, the inability to create new groups or folders. Only basic text and photos – no formatting, no drawings (!?), no annotations. And bizarrely, you can’t even highlight/select more than one line!?!!

I sincerely hope MS are developing v2.0, because they have a product that is, well, productive! They just need to patch the gaps – like this basic mobile app.

XBMC Constellation Remote Review for iOS

May 12, 2012 Leave a comment


I’ve just come into the XBMC world after 2 years with Boxee, and my eyes have been opened to the world of rich remote apps like this one. This is the first one I’ve tried.

After around 10 mins playing, it crashed. It then repeated crashing out immediately, until I had power-cycled my iPad AND reinstalled the app.

When working, the app feels like a pretty poor skin choice for XBMC. Feels like a mix between Tron and the Starcraft font. You’d better like sci-fi. Sadly, unlike XMBC, it’s a skin you cant change.

And otherwise, it’s incredibly powerful, and perfect.

Like INCREDIBLY! After auto detecting my instance, it synced all the lists, artwork, etc, and let me play/watch/control whatever I wanted, seamlessly. Collapsible episode lists, drill-down into each movie metadata. It even lets you tweet your current media, and search YouTube for related clips. Amazing!

You know, one other gripe. Confusing. Each screen is solid with sidebars, topbars, icons, buttons, dials. And no help.

And one other? Just slightly too slow and juddery all over, on my iPad 2.

Still…. It’s the one to beat. And at least it’s free to try – which is why I won’t even bother paying the $5 each to compare other leading apps to it. It’s a great start, and they just need to make it more “Apple-style”

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Evi Review – Siri, time to retire

March 19, 2012 Leave a comment

“How much is, um, one thousand English pounds in dollars, Australian dollars?”
In under a second, the text read back came:
“How much is £1,000 in AUD$”.

Amazing. Perfect. Siri can rarely understand me shouting slowly and clearly at it, let alone mumbling and uming and ah’ing.

Then the answer to my question comes back.
“It looks like you are asking about dollars. Is this website useful? : Currency conversion”.

No… No… Tell me the answer!

And that’s Evi. Flawless recognition every time. It sometimes gives the right answer. It often goes “umm… Thinking… Let me work on that…”. And then gives a slightly relevant website.

But it returned the time, weather, and local ATMs straight away.

Solution: Apple to buy Evi right away to replace Siri’s voice recognition. That’s the angle, right?




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Upload and Manage your iPhone photos with…. Oh, you can’t!!

December 4, 2011 Leave a comment

REVISIT: I’ve commented in the past about the iPhone’s inability to allow manual management of folders, something that was perfectly possible on my T-Mobile Vario 2, many moons ago. So…. Where are we now?

Sadly, still the same place. Below are a few things I’ve tried, but firstly, what do I want to do?

Well…. I want to take my photo roll, and:

  • Delete unwanted photos
  • Crop/straighten/brighten wanted photos
  • Rename them into a sequence (eg. beach 01.jpg, beach 02.jpg
  • Put them in a folder (eg. “Beach”)
  • Sync them to my PC, for offline archiving

So. Where are we?

Better than it was. You can auto contrast, crop, and rotate (but not straighten). Youcan create folders, but you can’t move them there. Photos moved to a folder still remain in your Camera Roll, and deleting them there will delete them everywhere. The Photo Stream allows syncing to other devices, but still, you can’t delete them elsewhere – it’s like a great unedited Fickr stream. So, not a solution.

Ah, the leader of file sync, with an iPhone app. Surely this must work?
Well.. No. You can create a folder in a chosen location, and bulk upload photos there. Fantastic! But you can’t rename them, so you then have to rename them on the PC afterwards. Fail.

My favourite file syncer, since it doesn’t restrict me to the “My Dropbox” folder.
In contrast to Dropbox, you can rename files. But you can’t create folders, or bulk upload.
You can upload – one at a time. And you can’t create folders or rename files. Fail.

This is a great photo sharing/sync tool with strong Picasa support. It supports renaming and queuing files offline, uploading to Picasa, and creation of albums. However, you have to go to the PC and manually enable syncing of those web albums in order to download them to your PC, and be mindful of any accidental online sharing via Picasa Web Albums.


So… At the moment, to get where I want to be, I need to enable Sugarsync sharing with my Dropbox Photos folder, so that I can edit my photos in iOS5, upload them in bulk with dropbox, then rename them in Sugarsync. Um. Great.

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ExitPlan Plus Spreadsheet app vanished from iTunes

March 26, 2011 1 comment

Not only that, but so has their website.

I’m currently rebuilding my iPhone after DFU-restoring it. However, I forgot that this would also entail restoring all my apps separately from the backup (the iTunes backup doesn’t include apps).

Not only that, but since I’ve changed computers, I didn’t have a app sync from laptop to iPhone, and so I don’t have a backup of these apps elsewhere.

So.. I’m annoyed to find some of my apps are no longer available on the appstore, including ExitPlan’s Plus. Worse still, their website is also gone, with a cryptic message in its place.

Plus was my main app for tracking various stats – especially workout progress in the gym, and car mileage. Bummer.

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