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HP Elitebook 9470m screen is rotated and won’t change back

September 19, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

Have you ever opened up your Elitebook after taking it from your bag, to find the screen rotated 90 degrees, and whatever you do with the configuration and settings, it keeps flipping back?


I had the same with mine, and went through all sorts of troubleshooting pains such as changing the default system display settings, changing the Intel driver settings, rebooting, and sometimes eventually disabled the display driver altogether. This is all in Windows 10.

I eventually discovered the root cause of the problem. The 9470m has an orientation sensor, even though it’s not a tablet/hybrid. This means that when I was putting it into sleep mode and slipping it into my bag, it was still running for a few seconds more and would detect the orientation change to ‘portrait’ (one side down) before it was fully asleep. Therefore, it would interpret me putting the laptop into my bag as “the user has rotated this tablet into portrait mode”, change the screen mode to 90′ or 270 orientation, and have it ready in that mode when I took it back out.

So – although I would try changing the orientation on the driver configuration, the orientation sensor would still report that the screen was on its side, and would flip back as soon as soon as I had closed the configuration panel! Of course, the laptop was sat flat on the desk, but this orientation is not detected as ‘upright / 0 degrees’, so it would flip it back to the last ‘severe’ orientation, usually 90′ or 270′. I suspect that the sensor is on the motherboard, and while in a tablet the motherboard would be in the screen section and so ‘horizontally up’, on the 2470m the motherboard is in the base, and so lying flat on the desk.

The solution is to tilt the entire laptop towards you so the keyboard is almost vertical (space bar towards the floor, number row towards the ceiling). The orientation sensor will detect this as ‘0 degrees’, and your screen will rotate back to horizontal.

Thanks HP, for this ‘feature’!

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