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Downloading non-JPG files from SmugMug

OK, I’ve found some remaining files in the SmugMug-supported method for RAW and other downloads

Going to http://www.smugmug.com/picturelife/download
after you log in, will give you a list of files to download. This does include movies that were successfully converted to MP4 and made available from Smugmug, so while again you will at least have these available, they’ll again be duplicates, perhaps without metadata, needing de-duplicating and filtering.

As they suggest, you can use Firefox and Down’Em All to download the entire page en-masse. To do this, start Firefox, install the extension, and right-click on the screen to select “Down Em all’. Note that you’ll need to set the Renaming Mask to *text* if you want to keep the original filenames rather than a pseudo-random hash.

Then you click Start, and let the data flow…


EDIT: While the ‘raw’ videos do stay in their original size and bitrate, they haven’t retained the ‘date created’ metadata, so you will need to identify and timestamp or file them manually.

For my RAW Nikon .NEF files, the EXIF metadata does contain the original “Date Taken”, although other datestamps for the file have been reset.

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