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Deduplication tools for Picturelife Photos

A useful tool I’ve found for comparing Picturelife and SmugMug exports, is a duplicate file finder called FileMany.

I’ve usually used AusLogics Duplicate File Finder for much of this so far, but it only does bytewise comparisons, which fail when comparing Picturelife with Smugmug, because the EXIF data is different.

FileMany seems to be a hidden gem in that it can do comparisons by:

  • Filename only (including case sensitive/insensitive)
  • Hash
  • Bytewise
  • Image comparison algorithm


FileMany: Marking all duplicates in one SmugMug folder for quick deletion


It can also allow easy selection/deletion of all files in a particular folder. It’s not quite as elegant as AusLogics, but since it works with filename comparison whilst ignoring the hash, it means I can compare like-for-like directories one month at a time across PL and SM, and delete all the duplicates from one, in a couple of mouse clicks. Since I favour the Picturelife Export of the two, as it includes an XMP metadata file for each picture/movie, it’s easy to delete any matching SmugMug copies.

I’ve also been using Visipics for image deduplication when names and hashes are different, but it’s excrutiatingly slow to use. I’m hoping that this tool will do a ‘good enough’ job for exact image matches to be much faster than that, too.

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