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I keep coming back to Dropbox for Photo management

When I dropped the kids off at school today, one of the teachers commented to another “Oh, you must see that video of them singing on the bike, it’s hilarious”. She grinned and looked at me expectantly.


OK. I’ve got my entire catalogue on Mylio. I opened it, hit search, and “jingle bells bike”. Nothing.

And that was it – the moment was gone. I would have loved to share it with them, but I couldn’t.

And this is the point. If I’d had PictureLife, I probably could have found the video and streamed it pretty quickly. With Mylio – no; even if hosted in their cloud (which is not really what it’s for), it would still need to download the video first, by which time you’ve lost the moment.

Dropbox – as long as the file had that in the name, it probably could have found it immediately. Once found, a video can be played with a click, even skipped through, and it keeps playing within a few seconds. Speed is a priority.

Don’t get me wrong, Mylio is great – I just searched for “bike” and it showed me 80 photos immediately which I can scroll through chronologically with absolutely zero lag (PictureLife became dog-slow towards the end). But all the videos are white spaces without thumbnails (not sure what happened there), and even if I found and played one, it would need a full cloud subscription and be able to download the whole thing before it started playing.

Dropbox is simple, it works, they’re not mining the photos (that we know of / yet), and it streams media easily.

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