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Light In the Box – bad start

I recently wanted to buy a microSD card for my new Xiamoi Yi. Given the plethora of fake SD cards out there, I decided to buy from Light In the Box rather than eBay, so that I was purchasing from a single retailer with a reputation to uphold.

Well, evidently they will have challenges with that.

Of the three items I bought, all didn’t work out.

  • The ‘Sandisk’ Class 10 / UHC-1 64GB SD card seemed not to work in my Yi, beeping and stopping after a few seconds. I suspected it was not keeping up with the write speed of the Yi, which being the older model, should be fine with even a Class 6 (6MB/s), let alone a Class 10. So I tested it on my laptop, and found an average read speed of 3MB/s, compared to 13.7MB/s for my ‘true’ Class 10 SD card
  • The $5 keyring torch I bought had a ‘bonus’ laser pointer mode that wasn’t listed at all on the description. I wouldn’t have minded if I hadn’t bought it as a nighttime light for my toddler. Lasers and todders don’t mix, unless you really want detached retinas all round
  • The ‘warm light’ LED bulbs I bought were as clinically white as it’s possible for lights to be, and contrast horribly with my halogen bulbs

I guess Light In The Box is perhaps not more reliable than eBay in these circumstances.
EDIT: Well, they gave me a refund with no need to return the card, but only after 4 rounds of to/fro where they sent me a form email requesting a photo showing the damage. After I managed to convince them a photo would not reveal the card’s performance, they refunded immediately to my Paypal account.

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