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Auslogics Duplicate File Finder review for Photo Deduping

I’m in another burst of activity in what is a perpetual photo-organising spree. In this current burst, I used Mylio to analyse all my photos stored everywhere, which suddenly makes clear all the duplicates we have lying around.

It seems every time we retire a phone or laptop, we don’t have time check at the time whether we’d already sorted all the photos stored on it, and so they’re copied in bulk into a “Photos/Unsorted Photos/More new photos/Laptop unsorted/Really sort these ones!/My Pictures” type folder, hiding deep in the filesystem in my NAS.

Enter Auslogics Duplicate File Finder. At time of writing, it’s maintained a steady pace of development, and having updated after a long pause, I now find myself on v5.2.1.

A really useful feature of this version is that it shows a folder hierarchy of where the duplicate files were found, and then lets you select the folder that you consider to be the ‘duplicate’. Ie. That can be deleted in deference to the ‘main, primary’ copy folder. You can include subdirectories in this, so that in effect, I can simply run the duplicate scan, and then right click the “Photos/Unsorted Photos” folder, and tell DFF to delete all duplicates in that folder; done!

Note these are CRC32 exact matches – same size, no edits, no additional EXIF data – byte for byte the same. If you want to analyse resized or edited photos, such as deleting a copy downloaded from Facebook in preference for the original, then you’ll need to use a tool with dedicated duplicate image detection – something Mylio might have, but I haven’t figured out yet.

For some reason, perhaps because it’s the free version, it’s incredibly slow – but you can let it run unattended. Even with tools like Mylio or Picasa, this basic bytewise comparison/dedupe gives you a “zero doubt”, high-level first-pass dedupe to clear out the obvious candidates, and the folder tree approach gives a nice, clear view to allow you to do it quickly and easily.

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