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Facial recognition tagging with Picasa and Mylio

As always happens, I’ve been distracted from other chores and have started playing around with the tools that are looking most promising for finally, finally(!), organising my collection of 65,000 photos.

Picasa is the undisputed king of facial recognition, aside from Google Photos (which I’m not touching), so I want to leverage that for tagging photos automatically where possible. However, I don’t want to be locked into Picasa, but have that information recognisable in other tools – which means either EXIF data or XMP sidecar files.

So – for starters, I’ve set Picasa on a mission, churning through the tens of thousands of photos on my microserver, and it’s flagging up faces that it has clustered as similar.


What I’ve also already done in Picasa, is change two flags, that let it write the name tags back to the photos, rather than as the .ini file stored in each directory.

One in Menu à Options


And one in Tools à Experimental



So, we should be getting the tag in two places – both XMP and in the photo EXIF itself.


So now – if I tag someone in Picasa from my Hot Air Ballooning Trip:


Then my desktop version of Mylio picks up the change… well, instantly!



And here’s the XMP file entry



Now – removing that is a little harder – I just tried removing the tags in Mylio, and it said it couldn’t write the XMP file, probably because Picasa still has it open, but it’s rare you would remove tags entirely, and I imagine you can overwrite them easily enough.


So – in summary, with this, I should be able to run a “Face recognition superpalooza” on all my photos in Picasa, and have those changes then recognised and replicated back to all my other devices in Mylio.

What would be interesting, is if I can point Picasa at my low-res local copies of photos synced by Mylio to my laptop, rather than at the originals on my NAS back at home. Mylio simply replicates the folder structure of local thumbnail or ‘preview’ copies like this, and also simply copies or merges XMP files that are created on a ‘non-original’ copy back to the original’s directory, so I see no reason why I can’t create these XMP files with Picasa, and then have Mylio send those files back to the original copies in their various locations.


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