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Wobbly iphone touch screen? Check your charger

February 9, 2016 Leave a comment

I’ve been experiencing this most curious intermittent problem with my iPhone 6S. As I work during the late evening, I found that the screen would jitter, several pixels’ worth, when I hold my finger on the screen.

This made it incredibly annoying for some gestures, such as long-tapping on a mail item, or clicking a URL in Safari. I presumed my touchscreen was damaged…

Until I stopped using my dodgy $4 eBay charger.

I realised that, if unplugged, or charging off my laptop USB, it was fine. No jitter at all.

Hence, I presume that my cheap, poor quality 4-port mains USB charger from eBay is causing either frequency or voltage interference which is being picked up by the capacitive touchscreen on my iPhone.

Makes you wonder what that $4 charger is pumping into my $800 device!

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