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HP Slate 7 Beats Audio

This came out around a year ago, and was fairly ordinary and typical of the HP excursions into other product categories like home tablets – it was not too fast, not too slow, midrange in every way, quite decently put together, look pretty OK, and for a good price.

So, all ok – but no wow. So why did I get this?

Well, firstly price. I got this in a stock clearance for $99. For any 7″ that’s not in a megacheap housing, that’s not bad at all. 

But, now I have it, as a family device I love it! It’s fast enough to launch Spotify in a few seconds, which is what it is used for 90% of the time. Its red case is easy to spot lying in a pile of stuff on the table. It’s easy enough to add stuff to the online shopping list.

And – it’s magnetic! So it lives on the fridge door – we put it on the hinge side so it doesn’t get shaken off when opened and closed – and that makes a huge difference for always being able to find it, never have it in the way, and have it conveniently accessible for just a few seconds to change track or add something to the list, without having to physically pick it up.
And if it falls off… Did I say it was $99?

If you can find one at that price, then why not? It won’t beat your $600 phablet, but for a home device, it won’t annoy you either.

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