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RJays Motorcycle Cover Update

With RJays’ being an Australian brand, you’d expect their outdoor heavy duty cover to be well suited to the Australian weather.

Well; not so:

This is their XLarge cover after a year in the Australian climate – and this is Sydney, not northern Queensland. The seams are yellowed, cracked and falling apart, the material is fading and drying, and the liner is wearing where the cover has split open.

To compare sun vs shade, have a look at the shady side, with the much darker original colour.

Interestingly – this is the third cover from them. The second, I bought two years earlier, and it suffered a similar fate, so I sent it back as not fit for purpose for a refund. The first, that I inherited when I bought the bike, also went the same way.

I’ve looked at RJays’ website for care instructions… Do I wax-spray it, moisturise it – buy another cover for the cover?? Alas, it’s quite sparse, and the distributor also seemed surprised that the cover aged so quickly.

I don’t think there’ll be a fourth time for me.

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