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Restoring Windows 7 Backup Images to an Acer Aspire S3 with Recovery Partition

This is a quick note of some findings I made whilst trying to restore a backup of an Acer Aspire S3-951 ultrabook.

I make my backups using Windows 7 Backup Images, but this hit a problem when I upgraded to an SSD and tried to restore from backup (using it as an opportunity to test my restoration process).

Since the SSD didn’t have the original disk’s recovery partition, Win 7 restore from system image refused to let me restore. It gave two errors – one that there wasn’t enough space, and the other was a vague error that I couldn’t google.

This was because i had made images of both the System Recovery partition (with no drive letter), and the C: drive in Windows. I wasn’t sure how to edit the backup data directly – there was an XML file that described both partitions, and two VHD drives for the partition and system, but also a bunch of other XML files, and I didn’t want to spend too much time fiddling with it all. So – I eventually ended up giving up trying to restore to the existing partition from the backup.

I also tried overwriting the drive with the original Acer recovery USB (which should write both the partition and the system drive). However, this also had problems, and refused to let me execute the option to overwrite both system and recovery. However, the option to recover just the system drive did work, and an hour later, I had a box-fresh Acer Win7 installation on my new SSD.

So – rather than waste time manipulating partitions and MBRs, I opted to re-build from scratch, with data recovered from online backup. This seems to be working – I’ve created a data partition on the drive, where I’m restoring all my documents and data. Meanwhile I’m rebuilding the system drive from my program installers and latest veisions.

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