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PictureLife mid-term review…. I’m losing patience

I’m getting pissed off with PictureLife!

“Why”, I hear you ask? Isn’t it awesome? They’ve just released the fantastically aesthetic v2.0 of their iOS app.

Yep, And that made things worse… when it comes to picture management, which is what I use the app for.

It’s also the little niggles. Not only can I not multi-select for deletion in the iOS app, I also can’t do ANYTHING in the Android app. Each platform is inconsistent. So here I am at the laptop on the (old) web app… just like I used to be when I managed all my photos manually.

I’m multi-selecting photos – often accidentally pressing options on the pop-up menu that annoying appears right in the way every time I select one. I select trash… and then again, a wasted extra mouse click as it asks if I’m sure (there’s a trash can to retrieve photos if I make a mistake – why can’t I turn confirmation off, like in Windows).

OK – I find some videos. I’d like to trim them, as in Windows, or iOS Photos, or Android, or anything… but i can’t, unless i download and upload them. One is in the wrong orientation, but I can’t rotate it.

Those four very similar photos… PictureLife is supposed to automatically detect and aggregate them – they’ve just released a blog post on this very subject – but they don’t. Although some of the duplicates I saw in the Android app HAVE disappeared, suggesting something is going on there.

Multi-face tagging? Yes, but entirely manual, and it can’t auto-recognise and suggest faces – where Google can.

And that’s the problem… in comparison, Google Plus offers many more management features, including batch editing and re-ordering photos manually – something that is consistent across Picasa and the Web app at least – auto-face tagging, and some basic image recognition (it recognised a cat, and a mountain, so that I could search on them – although very conservatively). They offer unlimited storage at low res of my old photos for web viewing.

The only (MASSIVE) problem, of course, is Google’s efforts to force me to share things at every turn – tagging someone shares to them on Google Plus, for example. Searching keeps trying to redirect me to my friends’ photos. All that is a distraction and a pain as well.

So… I really wish PictureLIfe would up it’s game. Otherwise, I guess I’m waiting for the next contender – probably iOS8 Photos once the iPhone 6 comes out.

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