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PictureLife’s iOS app v3 missing features? What the hell just happened?

After our initial rush of activity when we first discovered PictureLife – uploading tens of GBs of photos, testing the editing, the export, the sharing, the family streams, posting somewhere around twenty support threads with a mix of praise and feature requests…. my enthusiasm waned a bit. We just left it ticking away in the background, occasionally checking to see new photos that the other had taken, and it kept working away pretty reliably.

So, when I saw the PictureLife app update on both Android and iOS, I eagerly updated all my devices to the v3 app. I loved the idea of Places being available on both platforms; I marveled at the drag-the-thumbnail action screen. All very, very cool.

And then I tried to batch-select a group of photos…. it used to be double-tap for a range, didn’t it? Or tap-hold.. .no, that’s the action panel now…. where is it?

And where have family streams gone? There used to be a share icon with a radio button we could tap….

And then, today, I discovered that, with the brand new app, they’ve not implemented these features yet.


What? You can’t bulk edit photos in a photo-management app? And you can’t share photos in a cloud-based sharing app. WHAT?!?

Yep… unfortunately, it’s true. It’s evident enough that “Where are my features?” is the first item on the support page – which has also been taken down and moved to a new platform (Zendesk). That’s probably just as well, because the forum would be full of outraged users.

WTF, PictureLife? Couldn’t you have given us the common courtesy in the upgrade notes to warn us not to upgrade the app if we were somewhat attached to the most important features of it? Did you really think we wouldn’t miss it? What exactly are we supposed to use now? (Yeah, I know, the web app. Woo.)

So… all I can do is sit and wait, and let the unmanaged and unshared photos build up.

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