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BoxCryptor corrupts Microsoft OneNote Caches

December 10, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hi – I’ve found the same. When OneNote tries to cache the BoxCryptor files, it corrupts the entire cache (not just the Boxcryptor notebook, but ALL my notebooks – Boxcryptor, Skydrive direct, Local, etc).

OneNote is a fantastic tool, and works great in many shared scenarios – including via an occasionally-attached network share via VPN – so evidently it’s getting confusion and pain by the local vs network virtual drive presented by Boxcryptor.

I have used OneNote successfully with a Truecrypt partition on OneNote (although not fully tested how it works when shared ,with the TC files being infrequently synced by Dropbox because they’re usually open and Dropbox needs them to be detached first).

I’m going to go back to that while Boxcryptor try to find a fix, but I suspect they might not because it sounds the issue is with OneNote not liking like the new version, and the new version is probably seen as an improvement in general.

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