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iOS Photo Editors – Photoful vs MyPics

September 23, 2013 Leave a comment

I’ve been hunting for the perfect Photo Management app since before the iPhone was invented. Five or so years on…. They’re still not there, but they’re getting better. Here are my two favourites at the moment.

Photoful and MyPics have a lot in common. Both will automatically import from your camera roll. Both will allow you to create and move folders between albums. Both will let you edit the photos with the moderately powerful free Aviary plug-in editor. And both will let you send an album to Dropbox. So – both allow you to have a full iPhone photo workflow.

But they have their differences.



Photoful is virtually a clone of the iOS7 photos app. I didn’t realise this until I upgraded my phone, but yes, it’s almost indistinguishable in appearance, zoom and viewing functionality, and even Sharing features.

It steps above the Photo app wherever it can, though. You can run your finger across a line of photos to select them, tag them, then tap another folder to move them there. It, too, automatically clusters photos into dates and locations, but you can rename that into a new album title with a tap. You can swipe a photo off the screen to delete it. The UI is very smooth and swishy, and workflow is very natural.

And there are shortcomings, too. You can’t reorder photos. You can’t import or manage movies. You can’t add comments, and neither comments or tags are retained when you send photos to Dropbox or another store. Files are saved with the name as the date and time the photo was taken.


MyPics is a bit more of a photo management tool. It has a clunkier interface, with more button pressing and less gesturing, but it still has many of the operations of Photoful.

Editing is also through Aviary, but it also has it’s own analogue-style filters, giving you more options. It has a clunkier but still as usable calendar view. You can move photos around albums, but you can also create album groups, and reorder photos, and manage videos. All are imported automatically.

You can add comments, and even search by them, but you can’t save them in the EXIF/XMPP photo data, and there are no tags. Re-ordering also has no effect once you send them to Dropbox – the file naming is chonological. It has send to Dropbox and also an automatic Dropbox-backup mode – with no indication of how far it has progressed, and it usually fails on movies over 30 seconds.


Using them

In terms of stability on my iPhone 4S, MyPics is pretty stable even with huge videos, whereas Photoful was crashing constantly when trying to keep up with my editing workflow.

Photoful feels fun to use, but I miss the ability to add comments. MyPics has solid photo management, but forget the backup to Dropbox unless you have it open all the time.


Wish List

I wish these could sync with Dropbox to allow managing shared folders with a friend. I wish they stored metadata in the photo. I wish they had more fine-grained editing options. But… After a long time looking for such a tool, they are the closest yet!









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