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Dell XPS13 Niggles and Glitches

So, now I’ve had my 2013 model XPS13 for 4 months, what do I think of it?

Well – there are four big glitches:

  • Sometimes when running a VM in VMWare Workstation, it will ramp up CPU use and, eventually, hang. I have this after a few hours’ use and am wary to the sound of the CPU fan being on too long. I’ve had total VM corruption more than once.
  • The trackpad is still terrible. I use an app to disable it for a second after keyboard use to avoid palm-tapping, and have got used to the slight pause needed (the app also disables my separate mouse from clicking for the same pause)
  • Sometimes when I put it to sleep, it loses power and restarts from scratch when I switch it on, with resulting loss of data
  • The USB3 seems unreliable – if mounting a Truecrypted external LaCie Porsche USB SSD, it will occasionally disconnect and reconnect – again, fatal to a running VM on the SSD. I’ve called support and installed new drivers which fixed it temporarily, but the problem persists.
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