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So long AvPlan – we can’t continue like this

So, it’s been a few months since I last did a NavEx. Since I fly so intermittently at the moment, I use AvPlan as my preferred flight planning tool since I can subscribe a month at a time for $9.

So – I fired up AvPlan this morning and bought a month’s worth in the app. Once bought, I tried checking whether I had updated ERSA and chart information for the local area.

I checked the airfield list – it was empty. I tried checking downloads, but couldn’t see where to download the updates. While I was at it, it was asking me if I wanted to download chart updates. I said yes, and it started slowly – intermittently – trying to download some that I had no interest in at the moment – WAC for Eastern Australia, etc.

So – I tried cancelling all the charts I didn’t want. However, as soon as I canceled the download of one, then another cancelled download would start downloading again. I tried cancelling them all, and then just resuming the ones I wanted, but it seemed to want to insist on downloading all except one of the files, and succeed with none of them. Eventually I exited and terminated the application, then opened it again.

Ok – I gave up on that and tried looking for the ERSA Airfield supplements again – still couldn’t find the download. I tried navigating around the various options but seemed to be getting a bit confused.

I then tried linking to a Dropbox account on my iPad, which I’ve done for various apps. As I did, it crashed. I opened it again, and now it was linked.

After 15 minutes of grappling, I had still not succeeded in downloading the ERSA or charts that I wanted, and it had crashed or needed killing, three times.

I checked OzRunways – now $74.99. I thought about it for a bit. About the same as 6 x 1 month subscriptions for AvPlan, plus a $15 premium for a more stable app. I bought a year’s subscription.

Sorry AvPlan – you were really pioneering with on-map radar charts and best-altitude fuel planning, but I need two things more than anything in an aviation app. Stability, and Usability.

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