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Problems with Lacie USB3 drive and Dell XPS13

July 15, 2013 Leave a comment

I have a current-model Dell XPS13, and very nice it is too. Although the SSD is very decently fast for an ultrabook, it isn’t that big, so I bought a Lacie Porsche Design P’9223 Slim External SSD to go with it – which is apparently pretty damn fast, and so fast enough to run VMs directly on the SSD.

However – I was soon regretting my decision, as the Dell seemed to keep dropping and reconnecting the USB connection randomly and frequently. Since VMs don’t like being disconnected from their storage at all, this wasn’t good.

I tested some combinations, and found a friend’s Macbook Air had no problem with the drive, while my laptop worked fine with a Seagate USB3 desktop drive, and with a USB2 HDD. So – it seemed the combination of specific laptop and specific drive seemed to be the problem.

This is where it gets good. I contacted both Dell Support and Lacie support. Both replied within a day. And both gave a good answer – links to forum posts where installing new drivers had fixed the issue.

So – I uninstalled everything to do with USB 3 Hubs in Device Manager, and then installed the latest drivers as proposed by Dell, and rebooted. It took a bit of grappling and reboots to get the existing USB3 Hub drivers to stay uninstalled, and I had to leave one of the two disabled, but then came the moment of truth: I connected the drive, mounted it, ran a VM, and left it running, to see if it would die.

And… after 6 hours … not a thing! The issue was fixed!



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Rewardle Cafe Loyalty App Review

July 5, 2013 Leave a comment

A cool local place uses this, so I signed up to get points there. However, I’ve just realised I didn’t get them because… I dunno. I didn’t scan the cafe’s registration code first, or something.

It has very cool features, like letting the cafe’s tablet scan your phone’s ID, or scanning a code on the till counter so the barista can see how many coffees you’re registering – very cool tech and app… but TOO HARD. It’s tech for tech’s sake. It also does not have pre-ordering (BeatTheQ) or an eWallet (BeatTheQ, eCoffeeCard).

Many cafe’s use eCoffeeCard, and I’ll choose those over others because I have the app and I use it – ideally I’ll prepay by card because I can track my spend. Rewardle adds no benefit to me over this, is fiddly to use, and has missed the boat.

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