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HP Envy X2 – First look

February 28, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I saw this as the possible solution to my quandary. I’m currently getting it set up to figure it out.

My i5 laptop is too big and weighty; when you get it out on a table at a coffee meeting, clients brace themselves for death by Powerpoint. If you use it in anger, the battery’s dead in 3hrs.

Meanwhile, my iPad is very handy, but I find myself out on the road reading RSS stories or mindlessly filing emails, because I need to wait to get back to my ‘proper’ laptop to work seriously. Keynote might render my slides correctly, and might not – if I can find and download the correct one from Sugarsync from the vast library I have on my PC only, before the client gets bored.

Is the X2 the answer?

I’m still working that out. But it is beautiful, different, and striking to the customers I meet. I do use the touchscreen a moderate amount; the tablet mode a little, so far.

I’m guarded about Win8 tablet mode. It feels clunky and wrong, whereas iOS just flows. But if you can accept a Win8 tablet, then I can’t see why the X2 wouldn’t be the perfect device.

Once I have all my favourite tools set up, and I have my Windows apps (PersonalBrain, Treepad, OneNote) which are unavailable or poor on iPad, then I’ll see how I go.

But in productivity; why not? Read news or email in Tablet mode on the bus, then plug in the keyboard and do a serious email reply blitz and prep your preso in the cafe before your meeting when you arrive.

The Atom rarely causes me grief – it does pause for 2-3 seconds sometimes, which is just it catching up. It doesn’t worry me though. I do miss a USB port on the tablet part too.

As for the price? Well… it seems massively high, but then so is what we pay for an iPad. HP are pricing against the *value* to you. I can charge it overnight, then sling it in a bag and have everything I need – nothing to forget, not having to choose my iPad or Laptop (or often, both).

I’ll impress my client when I get there, and if I connect to internet it’ll sync my cloud drives and email. It’s a socially-acceptable business Swiss army knife. And it feels quality

A last point; some products just show that little bit extra thought – they overdeliver. Case in point for the X2 – not only can I use the tablet with a customer, but while the keyboard is sat in my bag, it’ll charge my iPhone via USB. A small touch, but to me, so useful!

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