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OneNote 2010 sync issues – nearly fixed now

It’s 2.20am, and I’ve nearly finished fixing the most recent issue (the one in this thread) in ON2010.


In the end, it was installing SP1 for Office 2010 SP1 (my corporate laptop is a COE with corporate update, and SP1 wasn’t pushed to us), and Skydrive from Live Essentials.


Once done, I could open the Skydrive notebooks again. Rather than download everything from scratch, I moved my backed up Desktop files back into My Documents\OneNote Notebooks, and it seemed to figure it out (what was existing locally, and match those to the Skydrive notes). Unfortunately I’m not sure if recent entries since the issue have made it – I did briefly see them in Misplaced Sections before I started the repair, but everything in that section is now empty.


Once that was working, it meant I could now open the Skydrive notebooks locally. I found one of the workbooks still wasn’t syncing. I therefore created a temp local notebook, and moved out the contents a top-level section group at a time, until I found one that wouldn’t move. I then worked down moving out individual sections, until I found the one that was complaining/corrupt, and deleted it both locally and on Skydrive.


Once that empty section was now syncing successfully with Skydrive, I moved all the contents from the temp local file back into it, and synced them back up. I think I’m about there, and should be where I left off.


OneNote does seem to do some fairly good self-repair… however, with all these problems, it needs to.


It’s incredibly frustrating. I prefer OneNote over Evernote for the hierarchical structure and live sync… the iOS apps suck, and the reliability is.. not perfect.  In short, having to spend 6 hours manually wrestling my main notebook back into order every 3 months, and sweating about losing everything, is not something I expect from Microsoft.


Nearly there…

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