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CTRL-Alt-C Trying to Shutdown Windows 7

January 27, 2013 9 comments

I just learnt that I’m able to copy/paste nodes in Treepad Plus, so I thought I’d give it a go. I hit CTRL-Alt-C, and…

Everything closed, and Windows tried to shut down!

Another guy had a similar issue here.

I suspected another app, so I started clicking through my System Tray. The first one I came to, WinSplit Revolution, was the culprit:

Changing this to another hotkey, solved the problem.

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OneNote 2010 sync issues – nearly fixed now

January 4, 2013 Leave a comment

It’s 2.20am, and I’ve nearly finished fixing the most recent issue (the one in this thread) in ON2010.


In the end, it was installing SP1 for Office 2010 SP1 (my corporate laptop is a COE with corporate update, and SP1 wasn’t pushed to us), and Skydrive from Live Essentials.


Once done, I could open the Skydrive notebooks again. Rather than download everything from scratch, I moved my backed up Desktop files back into My Documents\OneNote Notebooks, and it seemed to figure it out (what was existing locally, and match those to the Skydrive notes). Unfortunately I’m not sure if recent entries since the issue have made it – I did briefly see them in Misplaced Sections before I started the repair, but everything in that section is now empty.


Once that was working, it meant I could now open the Skydrive notebooks locally. I found one of the workbooks still wasn’t syncing. I therefore created a temp local notebook, and moved out the contents a top-level section group at a time, until I found one that wouldn’t move. I then worked down moving out individual sections, until I found the one that was complaining/corrupt, and deleted it both locally and on Skydrive.


Once that empty section was now syncing successfully with Skydrive, I moved all the contents from the temp local file back into it, and synced them back up. I think I’m about there, and should be where I left off.


OneNote does seem to do some fairly good self-repair… however, with all these problems, it needs to.


It’s incredibly frustrating. I prefer OneNote over Evernote for the hierarchical structure and live sync… the iOS apps suck, and the reliability is.. not perfect.  In short, having to spend 6 hours manually wrestling my main notebook back into order every 3 months, and sweating about losing everything, is not something I expect from Microsoft.


Nearly there…

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Sugarsync Using Space for no apparent reason

January 4, 2013 Leave a comment


I, like many (as evidenced by some posts), have seen Sugarsync showing mystery space usage, with no apparent files to consume that space.

I’m currently paying for the 30GB plan, have been careful about space usage, and yet found myself 5GB over the limit.

I decided to do a quick audit – so I checked:

  • Unshared most folders with defunct shares
  • Emptied the Magic Briefcase
  • Permanently deleted all deleted files
  • Made sure there were no detached folders

I then checked the space usage of the various synced files:



OK – so 15GB in total. Why was it using 39GB? (30GB + referral bonuses plus leeway)


So – I then created new folders, and moved EVERYTHING out of the synced folders. A couple of folders still showed files in Sugarsync, even though I had deleted them on my (and every) PC. So I then re-ran the audit (permanently deleting files, etc).



All Gone! And yet… Apparently still 28GB is in use!


I checked and checked again, and everything is completely empty. Even the web interface shows no files.


The Solution

However… eventually, I did manage to free all that space.

So where was it hiding?

Well, I had shared a large (read 30GB) photo folder with a friend in the past; I had since cleaned it out a few times, but it seemed that Sugarsync thought they had deleted it, and hence when I viewed that shared folder as myself, it told me that there were deleted items. When I showed the deleted items, it listed the whole 30GB of photos that had been deleted previously, and then moved.

Now – in Sugarsync, as the folder owner, there’s nothing you can do about that. As Sugarsync state, you have to:

  • Get the person you’re sharing the folder with, to restore all the files in their Sugarsync (you have to select restore – you can’t just delete them)
  • Then delete the files from their/your sugarsync, and permanently delete them

As it turned out, when it tried to restore them, it failed massively and the vast bulk of files just disappeared anyway. But it did free up the space nonetheless!

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Jetstar Platinum Payment Protection Insurance Review – from excellent to terrible

January 3, 2013 Leave a comment

Having just cracked the screen on my Nexus 7 tablet, I thought I’d check if I have any option with my credit card.

I was initially hopeful – I had a brochure showing the Chartis Insurance cover, which seemed to cover. In fact, impressively, they seemed to cover:

  • any accidental damage within 90 days
  • no excess
  • even covered phone that weren’t subsidised in a plan

I phoned them up, and then realised that Jetstar changed their insurance provider in October 2012 to ACE Insurance.

Checking ACE Insurance’s policies, it’s rather less appealing:

  • You’re only covered for carrying the goods home (cover ceases as soon as you get home/to the office)
  • They don’t cover phones, tablets, or computers
  • The excess is $250

So – useless x useless x useless.

Alongside the officious service, terrible dated website and excessive charges – another reason to walk away from Jetstar Platinum / Macquarie Bank’s cards.

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OneNote still not syncing

January 1, 2013 Leave a comment

Just to add to this – I’ve now gone all the way back to basics, and:

  • Closed all my existing notebook
  • Created a new notebook in Skydrive
  • Tried to Open (ie. download) this notebook in OneNote (by clicking the Skydrive button to do so)

And I get this:

OneNote Error


For those search engines amongst you: OneNote cannot open the specified location:onenote:htts://….

Great.  Thanks.

I’ve googled for solutions, which included:

  • Running OneNote in Compability mode as Windows XP SP3 and installing Live thingy 2011
  • Opening firewall ports

And, where relevant, I’ve tried them all.

So it seems whatever I do, short of a reinstall of Office, OneNote is going to refuse to open Skydrive documents from here on.


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OneNote fails to sync with more errors

January 1, 2013 1 comment

Microsoft continue to unimpress, with a new flurry of OneNote syncing errors.


I noticed a few days ago, OneNote had stopped syncing. Looking at the specific sync errors, I found two types across my five workbooks.

  • Error code: 0xE0000B75
  • Error code: 0x800704C6

Some googling for these reveals no obvious single cause. From some testing, I’ve found:

  • I can’t sync the notebooks as they stand
  • If I move all the content out of an existing notebook, I still can’t sync it
  • My iPhone still successfully syncs with the Skydrive, and I can make edits in iPhone and view them in Skydrive (or vice versa)
  • My iPad and my Desktop , and my wife’s Desktop (synced to a shared notebook), do not sync


I’ll troubleshoot, but most likely, I’ll have to sync the remote copies to new local notebooks, and then manually move across anything I’ve edited in the past 10 days. Which is a pain. And not really the kind of business user experience that Microsoft would like us to believe they offer.

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