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My Kingdom for an iPad-based, live web sharing sketching app

November 22, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

One of the great things about Notability is the way that you can plug it into a projector at a meeting, and basically whiteboard. Then at the end, you can save and email the notes. Fantastic.


However, what if you’re not physically present. How many times have you been discussing an idea or an architecture on a call, and found yourself verbally describing it over the line, wishing that you could just sketch it, and the other parties could see your sketches in realtime?


Well… if they have an iPad too, then I’ve found something that can do that… PageSend. It’s intended for education, but is fantastic – you can import screenshots, and as you draw, the other party sees your drawing; you can both annotate and adjust as well.

But they need:

  • An iPad
  • The app
  • An account

Not really ‘ad-hoc’, is it?

What I want is a drawing app, where I can just click a ‘get link’ button, and email or copy/paste to IM the link. The party clicks it, and whether they’re on a Desktop, an iPhone, an iPad, whatever, they can see my drawing in real-time. Ideally, they can point/modify on it too. Like join.me, but for whiteboarding rather than desktop sharing.

It seems there is no such app. Is there?

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