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Microsoft OneNote for iPhone review

Onenote is great… On the desktop. The mobile app is a “bare minimum” but could be so much more.

I use Treepad, have tried Evernote, and looked at a thousand other apps. Onenote seems to be doing it for me, and the desktop app supports basic hierarchical structures, inline graphics and RTF, attachments, etc. It even recognises text in images, like Evernote. The fact other MS Office users will have it, makes sharing easier, compared to trying to get them to install/use/pay another app.

What impresses me with the mobile app is the sync – I took a photo of an item, and literally watched it pop up on the desktop app inside the page I was looking at. It also stores everything offline in the phone.

What doesn’t impress me – unlike the desktop app, the inability to create new groups or folders. Only basic text and photos – no formatting, no drawings (!?), no annotations. And bizarrely, you can’t even highlight/select more than one line!?!!

I sincerely hope MS are developing v2.0, because they have a product that is, well, productive! They just need to patch the gaps – like this basic mobile app.

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