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This is how every shop, bar, cafe, and conference presenter can build a solid customer feedback system in ten minutes

This is so simple, it’s silly.

How often do you walk out of a cafe, thinking that it was great… except the coffee was burnt, or the chicken was overcooked, or it was too long a wait so you gave up. You liked the place, and want to offer a little honest and helpful feedback, but they have no means to do so, and you didn’t want to disturb the waiter….

Or you’re sat at a seminar. You want to give the speaker some feedback. He probably wants to get that feedback. But again – you don’t want to disturb them; you’re in a rush; you really wanted to tell them the content was great, or their style was terrible, or the audio was bad, or just apologise for snoring at the back…

There are so many approaches to this, but most are too inconvenient for the customer to bother with them: feedback forms, postcards, push-button boxes next to the cashier, web URLs.

So – how can we connect the consumer to the provider- conveniently, easily, and, if necessary, assured to be anonymously, by all parties. And how can we tailor, structure, and organise that feedback?

This approach takes around 10 minutes, and has all the advantages of being:

  • Free for ever
  • A standard, universally accepted platform, using existing accounts
  • Universally compatible with many different platforms (laptops, tablets, iPhones, etc)
  • Accepted to be anonymous by all parties
  • Feeding directly into spreadsheet tools, live reports and dashboards

All this in only 3 steps:

  1. Google Forms
  2. Google URL Shortener
  3. QR Codes

It’s like this:


1. Create your Google Form

Go to Google Docs, click Create, and click Form.

From there, create the questionnaire you want. Add as many items as you think a respondent will put up with.


2. Create a goo.gl link

Right-click the published form link at the bottom, copy it, then paste it into the Google URL shorter at goo.gl.


3. Create the QR Code

Copy the resulting short URL, and paste it into a QR code generator, such as the one at createqrcode.appspot.com



Copy and paste that image into the last slide of your presentation, or print it and post it by the door in your cafe.



Job done. Now your audience or customers can scan the code on their smartphone, and go straight to the questionnaire.



And what do you get out of it?

Well, Google automatically collate the responses for you, and you can view the results directly in Google Sheet, where you can also show summary statistics, or feed them straight into other sheets and formula.



That’s good enough… but how many people went to the link, but didn’t bother with the form? Well.. to an extent, you can get that too, using the tracker stats that goo.gl provide. To get to these, copy/paste the goo.gl URL into your address bar, with a ‘+’ at the end.




So – that took 10 minutes to set up, and it’ll be as supported, compatible, accepted as any other service that Google provide.

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