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Iron Mountain PC Backup – if you’re having problems with it not performing a differential Outlook PST backup

Phew – long title! Well, again, if you’re having this problem, hopefully it helped you find this.

My company uses a rebadged version of Iron Mountain’s PC Backup. Now – the service itself is pretty good – it does differential backups on Outlook PST files, AND individual files; similar to the way Dropbox does.

That means, if you have a 1.8GB PST file, and you copy 100 new emails into it – hence changing it – Iron Mountain will only back up the changes (say, 1MB), and not the entire 1.8GB. Excellent!

However – for some reason, it didn’t work for me for one particular PST file. It would go through all the others (I have one for each year – 2008, 2009, etc), and it would show the ‘subelement’ of the PST filename when doing the backup. But for 2011, it would always back up the entire file – all 4GB!

Well… it turns out there could be a couple of problems:

  • 2GB was a hard limit in Office 2000, and maybe 2003, but apparently it’s up to 20GB in 2007 (and I use 2010 64bit). All my PSTs are over 2GB, and the others don’t have any problem. So, I’m leaving that for now.The file may be corrupt
  • The file is over a recommended 2GB

However – I just ran a compact, and a scan on my PST file, and guess what – it was overbloated (lost a GB in compacting), and also, the scan app (<Program Files>\OFFICE 14\scanpst.exe) picked up and repaired errors.

Output log file for SCANPST.EXE (goes into PST directory)

So – I’ve run SCANPST.EXE on ALL my PST files, and will also compact them all – and then we’ll see whether the backup works properly. I’ll post a followup in the comments here.

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  1. damo
    July 10, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    OK.. it didn’t work.

    So – I created a new PST, moved all my folders from the old to the new using Outlook, and then deleted the old one. I expected this fresh start would get rid of any corruption. I tried the backup again.

    Didn’t work. (Each successive backup still backed up the entire file.. not differentially).

    FINALLY… I created THREE PST files. I spread the contents of my troublesome one into those three, more or less equally… between 700-1300GB each. And then I ran the backups. And then I ran the backup again, hoping it would do so differentially.

    It did!

    So…. perhaps corruption. Perhaps too large a PST file. But I got it working, by splitting the PST out into smaller PST files.

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