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XBMC Constellation Remote Review for iOS


I’ve just come into the XBMC world after 2 years with Boxee, and my eyes have been opened to the world of rich remote apps like this one. This is the first one I’ve tried.

After around 10 mins playing, it crashed. It then repeated crashing out immediately, until I had power-cycled my iPad AND reinstalled the app.

When working, the app feels like a pretty poor skin choice for XBMC. Feels like a mix between Tron and the Starcraft font. You’d better like sci-fi. Sadly, unlike XMBC, it’s a skin you cant change.

And otherwise, it’s incredibly powerful, and perfect.

Like INCREDIBLY! After auto detecting my instance, it synced all the lists, artwork, etc, and let me play/watch/control whatever I wanted, seamlessly. Collapsible episode lists, drill-down into each movie metadata. It even lets you tweet your current media, and search YouTube for related clips. Amazing!

You know, one other gripe. Confusing. Each screen is solid with sidebars, topbars, icons, buttons, dials. And no help.

And one other? Just slightly too slow and juddery all over, on my iPad 2.

Still…. It’s the one to beat. And at least it’s free to try – which is why I won’t even bother paying the $5 each to compare other leading apps to it. It’s a great start, and they just need to make it more “Apple-style”

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