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Problems mounting Truecrypt partitions over a UNC network share

ImageHere’s the situation.

I have a big external drive plugged into my Mac Mini, which I use as a form of Wireless NAS. It’s slow, but it works. On that USB drive, I have 3 large Truecrypt partitions with backups – one for my data drive, one for my partner’s.

So far, what I’ve been doing is turning the Mac off, plugging the USB drive into my laptop, mounting the TC partition, and running a SyncBackSE mirror/sync to back up to that encrypted partition.

What I’d like to do is forego the plugging/unplugging, and just mount the TC partition remotely over a UNC path, over wireless. That also entails the use of Paragon NTFS.

It should work. In fact, I tested whether it would work by creating a new 100MB volume file on the share, mounting it, and copying a file into it. It worked.

However, if I try mounting the existing TC partitions over the share, I consistently get different types of errors.

For my backup, it fails to mount, and Truecrypt reports:

The specified network name is no longer available.

For my partner’s backup, it mounts the UNC path file successfully, but then trying to access the drive reports:

Y:\ is not accessible.

The specified network name is no longer available.

I’ve also tried mounting this file on Truecrypt on the Mac. It works. It also allows file access/copy out within the partition.

Consistent. The same each time. And no amount of Googling reveals the answer.

I suspect it’s a combination of things – in effect, I’m trying to access a 400GB file across a WiFi link to an external NTFS drive mounted on a Mac OS X Snow Leopard Mac Mini, using a 3rd party Paragon NTFS driver. I’m mounting that partition across the WiFi using Truecrypt locally, and then trying to read the NTFS within that partition.

Perhaps a big ask?

Still… if you have any ideas how to make it work, please let me know!

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