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Evi Review – Siri, time to retire

“How much is, um, one thousand English pounds in dollars, Australian dollars?”
In under a second, the text read back came:
“How much is £1,000 in AUD$”.

Amazing. Perfect. Siri can rarely understand me shouting slowly and clearly at it, let alone mumbling and uming and ah’ing.

Then the answer to my question comes back.
“It looks like you are asking about dollars. Is this website useful? : Currency conversion”.

No… No… Tell me the answer!

And that’s Evi. Flawless recognition every time. It sometimes gives the right answer. It often goes “umm… Thinking… Let me work on that…”. And then gives a slightly relevant website.

But it returned the time, weather, and local ATMs straight away.

Solution: Apple to buy Evi right away to replace Siri’s voice recognition. That’s the angle, right?




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