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Griffin Mini USB cables – a cheaper alternative


Having seen a review of the Griffin Mini USB cables, I bought them immediately, and they were worth the $15 I paid for them. No more wrapping up long cables, sometimes finding myself with 3 iPhone cables, sometimes none, sometimes finding myself in need of a MicroUSB.. I just carry all three in my pocket, and they’re as handy as my wallet or phone.

Until I lost one.

Then forgot another.

And at $15 for the set, that’s expensive.

So – I searched on eBay, and sure enough, I found a cheaper alternative – around $3 for the set, with in extender cable thrown in.


Of course, the risk is that they’re the usual eBay rubbish, too poor quality to actually want to use, and fall apart after 5 minutes. But, having used them for a couple of weeks, they’re fine – in fact, they’re better than the Griffins for two reasons. The first is that because they’re more flexible (the Griffins only bend through around 80 degrees before the resistance is enough to pop the connector out of the iPhone), I can sit my iphone on top of my mobile charger with the cable bent through 180 degrees, and leave them in my pocket.

The other, more important reason, is that I’m not as afraid to lose them! With the Griffins, once I lost the first cable, I was cautious about where I carried the other two. With these, I’ve bought three packs, and I can just grab whichever are handy when I head out.

So – still spend $15. But spend it on 4 packs of these, not one pack of Griffins.

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  1. damo
    May 23, 2012 at 4:50 am

    Just an update to this.

    Two months on, are my charger problems solved?

    Well… No. I’ve lost all the iPhone charger cables, and find myself hunting around for cables once again. Also, at $9 for the pack of three, these aren’t actually that much cheaper. In effect, it’s $9 for an iPhone cable – I rarely use the other two.

    As for what I do now? Well… I bought 5 imitation Apple iPhone cables, white and everything, for $5. Yes, a dollar each, including postage, within Australia. Those are lasting me well for now.

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