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How to test after a First Aid Course

I’ve just taken another mass-market, generic certified First Aid course. This one has a pretty good reputation, and the fact they have a pre-reading online quiz is a good sign. Of course, there’s not that much fame and fortune in such courses, so the quiz and materials are functional, but nothing special, and I noted the quiz format as being ‘get it completed’ rather than ‘make it challenging’. Without any refresher training or reading, I was averaging 90% and 10 seconds per answer.

The fact is, none of this makes me much more confident that I could handle an emergency – and while remembering what NOT to do (and some of what to do) is a small achievement in itself, I would much rather feel enabled to go out and USE my First Aid training, rather than walking by quietly thinking/hoping that the person with the casulty right now must surely know what they’re doing better than me.

So… for all those first aid online quiz designers(!) out there:
– Don’t give me multiple choice. These almost always consist of 1 wordy and specific correct answer, and 3 or 4 short and stupid, and hence obviously wrong, answers. If one answer is “All of the above”, then it’s obviously “All of the above”.

If you really want me to learn, give me this:
– A huge cloud of actions, that I need to drag into the correct order…. hence simulating more closely the infinite number of actions that I would be presented with (out of my head) in real lift. And testing that I use the correct ones.
– Send me a further test a week AFTER the course. Then another online test another two weeks after the course, with different questions. Cement my knowledge; test I understood. Then send me a ‘Certified First Aider’ certificate in addition to a ‘Completed First Aid course’ certificate that I would get for just attending.

Maybe let me opt in to further periodic tests – sent to me out of the blue, by email, to keep me current. It could be a YouTube video, with a “what would you do now” action cloud.

Just asking. Thanks!

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