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Wingmirrorman .co.uk Review

I just thought I’d share a quick review of Wingmirrorman.co.uk, who I used in December.

My wife had clipped the wing mirror on our Corolla on a post, smashed the mirror, and fractured the plastic housing. I ordered a full Wing Mirror unit (mirror, housing) off them, which arrived incredibly promptly (next day).

However, I wanted to keep the colour-coded cover on my old mirror, but found I couldn’t – the clip mountings were different. Although the photo on the listing looked the same as the original part, the replacement I received was different to that, too. It appeared the new part was manufactured differently. I did actually ask a few other companies, and they said it was likely theirs would have the same problem.

Basically, it seems the cheap manufacturer builds entire mirrors where the parts may differ, so you have to swap the whole unit, not just swap out the broken parts. Not knowing this, I hadn’t asked them to colour-match the cover, so the replacement mirror had a black back, and the original mirror on the other side had a colour-coded light-blue back.

I decided I’d just keep the slightly cracked original mirror, and sent it back to them for a full refund for being not-as-described.

A few days later – I received a cheque in the post. Well – I had flown back to Australia, so our friends received it, and it was too late to pay in. I emailed Wingmirrorman, and asked them for a paypal refund (as I had paid them via Paypal originally). They were quiet. I chased again. They said OK. But no refund. I chased again. No refund.

And that’s it… basically, their service is crap. OK, it’s not a huge deal. But their mirrors aren’t exactly as described, and their service drops once the sale is made (their emails are very impersonal, with no names to contact either).


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  1. John
    March 19, 2013 at 10:21 pm

    My experience as well

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