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How to Tidy and Archive Old Documents using WinRAR

I just found a corporate overview document from 2007. Since our company has grown around 4x and been acquired once since then, it no longer has a place in my work folder. Neither do the ones from 2008, 2009, etc. But I might want to keep it for, say, historical reference.

At various points during the week, I keep saying “I must clean that out”… “I must tidy that folder”… but I never get round to it. However – thanks to WinRAR, I now have a right-click method for archiving files as I go.

WinRAR has a plethora of options you can set for the archive. The ones I’m using here are (on the various tabs)

  • Use Max Compression
  • Archive in Background
  • Delete after Archiving
  • Use Full Path
  • Give the archive a full path filename in the panel (eg. C:\Work archive.rar)








OK – so these are all the things I want to do with my file. These mean I can add a file to an archive, and the archive will contain a replica of the directory structure I’m using now – no need to manually create it.

So… how do I make these settings easily accessible for next time? Well, first, I can store them as a profile. Second, I can make that profile very easy to use:

So, what this will do is:

  • Always add all these files to the same archive (in their respective directories, as before)
  • Run immediately when I select the profile
  • AND…. Add a context menu option from the right-click in Windows Explorer!

And it works! Now, every time I discover an old file, I simply right-click it, select this option, and boom! Archived!

Love WinRAR!

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