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BlueAnt Q2 – first impressions review

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

BlueAnt Q2Several months ago, I was told about BlueAnt. The headsets were awesome, I was told. They had taken the crown from Jawbone, I was told.

Well, looking at reviews, actually that’s not true any more – Jawbone have come out with headsets (the Icon, the Era) that are more stylish, more functional, and with better noise cancellation, than BlueAnt. Plantronics are up there too. But the BlueAnt Q2 was $55 at Fry’s, while the Jawbones were in the ‘special expensive cupboard’, so I went for the Q2 anyway.

So, how is it?

Well, not great. For a start, the soft ear gel of the BlueAnt sits in my ear without the ear hook, less securely than my old  Jawbone 2. I could usually expect the JB2 to stay in my ear while walking unless I was having a bad ear day(?!). With the ear hook, it’s excellent – but I’m always afraid of breaking the ear hook when the headset is in my pocket.

As for functionality… well, not great! The voice commands are a step back. Example:

I want to call my Mum.

On Jawbone 2:

  • Hold the rear button for 2 seconds
  • Headset connects to iPhone voice commands; iPhone beeps
  • To iPhone>”Call Mum”
  • iPhone< “Calling Mum”


On Q2

  • Tap the single button
  • From Q2< “Say a command”
  • To Q2>”Phone commands”
  • From Q2<“Activating your phones in-built voice commands on the connecting phone”
  • Headset connects to phone… 3-4 seconds
  • Phone beeps
  • To iphone>”Call Mum”
  • From iPhone< “Calling Mum”

Wow. 10 seconds just to connect to voice dialling, before I call the number. 15 seconds in total. Guess what – it’s quicker just to pick up my phone.


So – there you have it. Less productive than the Jawbone2.

On the plus side, the Q2 is way louder than the JB2, which I have trouble hearing even at max volume in noisy environments. And the controls are a little less fiddly, with the power button impossible to accidentally switch on in your pocket, which was often an issue with the JB2. One downside with the Q2 – I also thought it more stylish than the BlueAnt T1, but I suspect the T1 is less likely to pick up dust and crap from your pocket into the otherwise fashionable grille… which the Q2 does in spades!

So – a dated headset for ham-fisted sales reps, not fashionistas.


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