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TripIt Sharing – All or Nothing

I've Greened out the stuff I DON'T want to share

So, you’ve booked your flight, your hotels, all the details. And then your colleague asks you “so, which flight are you on?” “Where are you staying?” “What time do you land?”

Enable sharing for your trip and send him the link? Easy, no?

Well… no.

No – because while I want to share the time I take off, land, when I get to the hotel, and maybe enough for him to book the same flight – I don’t want to share with him my Frequent Flyer Number, Reservation Code, the size of room I booked on the company coin, and my e-Ticket number. I don’t know him that well. And I certainly wouldn’t post it on Facebook/Twitter/etc for all and sundry to see.

However – that detail has escaped TripIt. Because that’s all they let you share. All. Or Nothing.

So I’m back to writing an email with stuff like 09/11 1910-1955 QF322 SYD-CBR  in an email. Which I thought was something I’d put behind me.

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  1. damo
    October 27, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    I’ve had a (prompt!) reply back from TripIt on this. They say that although there are no granular sharing options using the Link, you can share just the basic details (place, month) by using Facebook sharing.

    However – that’s not useful if you’re in a large enterprise where you don’t tend to link to colleagues on Facebook!

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