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Canon MX870 Printing PDF – so what can they print?

So, I’ve moved house and my laptop has died. Just another day in Home IT, of course, but that means that two of my easiest options for printing to my Canon MX870 (over my WiFi network, and via USB) are gone: I haven’t set up my router yet, and my restored laptop is playing up over the drivers.

But, no worries! My Canon MX870 will print direct from PDF! I just need to print to PDF from Acrobat, copy it to an SD card, put it in the printer and print off my document. Right?


Should I be so bold to try, I get this error.

Cannot print the specified PDF file. The format is not supported or the file is too large.

It’s not as if I’m using an obscure format – I printed simple text from Acrobat 8, in a PDF which is compatible all the way down to Acrobat 5.0. And yet the Canon doesn’t recognise it.

I can only assume that the functionality is only really intended to print PDF images that the Canon itself has scanned and written to the card – so it’s really a local scan-store-print function.

To be fair, I didn’t even notice this functionality until I stumbled across it, so perhaps Canon don’t intend to promote it as such. It’s just a damn shame it doesn’t actually work!

  1. August 21, 2014 at 5:20 pm

    I have exactly the same problem. I’ve tried everything I can think of including changing the file name to 8 characters in case it is so old fashioned that it can’t handle modern naming conventions. This is really a bummer as this was one of the selling points of this printer. If the problem is as damo said above about only being able to print what it is scanned, that is really not a feature. If I had a hard copy to scan, why in the heck would I need to print it from a PDF file? I could copy it.
    Any suggestions around this problem? And yes, it really is a problem!!!!!!!

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