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iTunes missing lots of purchases off account history

The iPhone rebuild progresses.


As I didn’t have a copy of the apps on my laptop, I’ve been going through my account in iTunes, listing all the apps I’ve purchased, grabbing screenshots of each page, and then typing them into the App Store search bar and re-downloading them.

This is incredibly frustrating for the reason that it’s deliberate obstruction by Apple. They could easily give a ‘download all’ button.

Not only do they choose not to, but I also found:

  • You can’t even select the test of the apps in the history list; so I’ve had to do screenshots of each page (14 in total), and then manually type each name in again
  • Of course, you can’t check whether you’ve already bought something – say, if there are several versions of the app. You have to either check your notes, or take your best guess, and it’ll only confirm you previously purchased it AFTER you click ‘Buy’. If you make a mistake… bad luck, you just spent more money with Apple!
  • Not only that, but half my purchases are missing! Chinatown Wars, X1 search, around 10 Lonely Planet guides, etc. etc. etc. are not in the history at all!

Luckily, I’ve kept each email invoice confirmation from Apple that I’ve received, so I’ve been running through that, adding each app that I’ve purchased. Despite this, out of 150-odd apps, I’ve probably missed a few, and also mistakenly bought a version which I didn’t previously own – losing perhaps an extra £20-30. I’ll wait for my invoice tomorrow.

Apple are deliberately evil. Don’t you forget it.

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