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iTunes missing lots of purchases off account history

March 26, 2011 Leave a comment

The iPhone rebuild progresses.


As I didn’t have a copy of the apps on my laptop, I’ve been going through my account in iTunes, listing all the apps I’ve purchased, grabbing screenshots of each page, and then typing them into the App Store search bar and re-downloading them.

This is incredibly frustrating for the reason that it’s deliberate obstruction by Apple. They could easily give a ‘download all’ button.

Not only do they choose not to, but I also found:

  • You can’t even select the test of the apps in the history list; so I’ve had to do screenshots of each page (14 in total), and then manually type each name in again
  • Of course, you can’t check whether you’ve already bought something – say, if there are several versions of the app. You have to either check your notes, or take your best guess, and it’ll only confirm you previously purchased it AFTER you click ‘Buy’. If you make a mistake… bad luck, you just spent more money with Apple!
  • Not only that, but half my purchases are missing! Chinatown Wars, X1 search, around 10 Lonely Planet guides, etc. etc. etc. are not in the history at all!

Luckily, I’ve kept each email invoice confirmation from Apple that I’ve received, so I’ve been running through that, adding each app that I’ve purchased. Despite this, out of 150-odd apps, I’ve probably missed a few, and also mistakenly bought a version which I didn’t previously own – losing perhaps an extra £20-30. I’ll wait for my invoice tomorrow.

Apple are deliberately evil. Don’t you forget it.

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ExitPlan Plus Spreadsheet app vanished from iTunes

March 26, 2011 1 comment

Not only that, but so has their website.

I’m currently rebuilding my iPhone after DFU-restoring it. However, I forgot that this would also entail restoring all my apps separately from the backup (the iTunes backup doesn’t include apps).

Not only that, but since I’ve changed computers, I didn’t have a app sync from laptop to iPhone, and so I don’t have a backup of these apps elsewhere.

So.. I’m annoyed to find some of my apps are no longer available on the appstore, including ExitPlan’s Plus. Worse still, their website is also gone, with a cryptic message in its place.

Plus was my main app for tracking various stats – especially workout progress in the gym, and car mileage. Bummer.

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Update: iTunes will not detect or charge iPhone 4.2.1 with Greenpois0n

March 25, 2011 1 comment

Well, I didn’t want to say ‘what could be worse’ than GPS/WiFi/BT not working… but it happened anyway.

Although iTunes initially detected my iPhone before the Greenpois0n 4.2 RC6 JB, it now will not – so my phone does not charge or sync with my laptop at all.


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iPhone 3GS with GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth not working

March 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Yep, not just one – all three!
My iPhone is now over 2 years old, and so most likely by Apple’s reckoning, well on its way out. I found recently (while running 4.1 Jailbreak for several months) that it lost GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth performance.
GPS was completely gone – I just got the nearest 2G/3G mast as a location. WiFi and Bluetooth work, but only at very close range – less than 8m in line-of-sight. For Bluetooth, I actually have to hold it next to my headset for it to hold a signal.
So… I’ve had problems before, with my GPS, and a firmware restore in DFU mode *seemed* to fix it. Time to try again.
But first… I tried a few other fixes out there. I tried ‘the freezer trick‘ – 10 minutes in a freezer in a couple of ziplock bags with all the air expelled. It worked! The WiFi signal was full when it came out, then dropped within 20s as the contacts warmed up again. Hence – looks like a physical fault on the antenna solder contacts, the fix for which is either a repair shop, or baking it in the oven.
As for the GPS; I tried a couple of tricks: resetting Network Settings, for one; turning off 3G, opening maps and placing the pin on the map, then turning 3G on again. Didn’t work. I also tried installing the BT stack for GPS, but that also did nothing.
So.. with no other option, I downloaded firmware 4.2.1 and installed it in DFU mode. Before I jailbroke it with Greenpois0n, I tried the WiFi and GPS again, as a brand-new firmware phone. Depressingly, still nothing. I suspect this means the hardware is gone after all.
So – now to install Cydia, and then try to restore my phone from backup. This might re-introduce any glitches or issues from the previous jailbreak, but since none of the GPS/Wifi/Bluetooth issues have been fixed by the vanilla firmware refresh, it seems it won’t impact anything anyway.

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Westpac OFX/QIF export to MS Money a joke

March 20, 2011 2 comments

Having moved to Australia and opened Westpac accounts, I thought it was time I tried importing my statement data into MS Money 2005. Yes, it’s old, and even Nationwide UK have stopped supporting it, and whenever I break both my legs in a freak snowboarding accident, I’ll have the time at home to get round to finding a new program. In the meantime, Nationwide works fine (although now via MT2OFX), Amex works great! (single download for multiple accounts direct to OFX, auto-identifies each account, everything just works)… and it’s time to add Westpac to the mix.

Which turns out to be a pain.

Westpac do have a specific ‘export’ tab, and it has multiple formats listed. But both QIF and OFX, and any others that I can see for that matter, simply put all the details of the transaction into the Memo field. That’s native to the exported data itself – nothing to do with MS Money. So, there’s no Name for the transaction whatsoever, and thus little for Money’s automatic handling of future transactions (based on the Name) to go on.

Here’s the OFX (which is an XML-based format):


As you can see, all the detail is in one Memo field: no Name field at all. Painful.

So – Westpac. #fail on you. I know MS Money is outdated, but it seems this would be true for any financial app – you just drop everything in one field, and probably hope that the application will be able to figure things out for itself.



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