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BA Amex card – any good? The answer is No

Well, not if you’re only a Blue Executive Club member, in any case.

I have 125,000 BA miles. A fistful of miles, thanks to my BA Amex card – enough to fly to Australia and back. If I can find a seat.

The thing is, you can only spend BA Miles on a limited number of seats if you’re a Blue Member. And guess how quickly those go?

Well, let’s put it like this:
– I tried to book a set of companion tickets for me and my wife to go London->Sydney in mid-Feb. I tried booking 3 months before. How many flights were there? None. For mid-Feb. None for any of Feb! In fact… none for January, February or March at all!

So – I’ve now just tried to book a seat for 2012, over the Christmas Period. Forget the companion voucher – it only counts for flights from the UK (we’ll be in Australia). And despite it only being possible to book a year in advance (so a 14th Jan 2012 return has only just become bookable), there are already NO flights at all, for December or January! The only route I can find is one via Sinagpore and Frankfurt, for a date 5 days before my preferred time.

So… I have 125,000 completely useless BA miles, and two even more useless Companion tickets. Hmmm… What to do with them… Maybe I’ll stock up on carriage clocks from their online store.


Addendum: To add insult to injury, BA Amex charge a fee of £150 a year to take advantage of the vouchers. So – by the time you’ve subtracted this, the airport taxes, the cost of a hotel if the only routes available require a stopover, plus travel at an inconvenient time, and in not-that-great-an-airline… don’t you wish you’d just taken out the Amex cashback card instead, pocketed the cash, and chosen what you wanted to do with it? I wish I had!

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