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Cabair Helicopter Tour of London

Well, I thought I’d write a quick review of this, just to get it out there on the ‘net.

A bunch of companies offer helicopter tours across London, and others act as agents for them – Red Letter Days do, for a start. We chose Cabair as their operating base at Elstree was closest for us.

Long story short: it was fine – the helicopter was modern and comfortable, and flew from NW London across Wembley, down to Westminster, then along the Thames to the Dome. And then back again.

The feedback was (it was someone else that went), that it was very quick. To be fair, Cabair were open with this on the phone, but the entire experience takeoff to landing is 20 minutes – 5 minutes to Westminster, 5 down the Thames, and 5 and 5 back again. The half-hour slot is for their benefit – to load the passengers and start the engines – not yours.

For the most expensive experience on offer, you don’t get anything “more”. No exceptional tour guide, for example. All helicopters on such trips, from *any* operator, can only fly down the Thames, and can’t loiter.

Hence I would recommend someone further out from London, as you get to enjoy the flying a bit more. I found others at Redhill, Damyns Hall and Stapleford.

Also – while Red Letter Days were offering a flight for £149, I asked them for times they had flights for this weekend, which they had to research and call me back. Then, while calling other operators, I phoned a company at Stapleford who, surprise surprise, had exactly the same slots available, evidently the company RLD use, at the price of £110. So you can save yourself £40 right there.

As I say – no great revelation, but perhaps worth sharing!

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