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Is there an incompatibility with the current Windows Patches, Microsoft Update, and ESET NOD32?

Here’s something that’s cropped up in the past few days.

My Mum reported that her computer (MacMini Intel 512MB with Bootcamp, running XP  SP3 Home) had become really, really slow.

It was random – sometimes it was slow on bootup, sometimes it’d work fine and then an hour later, slow down as before. Incredibly slow – like 15 minutes to log in.

Some playing with Sysinternals Process Explorers shows that svchost.exe, and Windows Updater inside it, was consuming around 150MB – peaking at 350MB on occasion. NOD32 was orange in the system tray, and showed 20-30 updates missing, some critical – although Automatic updates are on. I turned off the Update service, and normal service resumed.

Watching process explorer, I saw the update process sit at around 150MB for a few minutes, then ramp up to 350MB for 2-3 mins, then drop again. I did this while running Update manually via IE7 – which never completed.

Anyway – some googling turned up similar problems experienced by other users, on various forums. Following tips there, I turned on the Update system service, went to Windows
Update via IE, and switched off Microsoft Updates under Settings. Tried the manual update again, and this time it worked – and reported ‘0 Critical Updates’.  Yet NOD32 had shown at least 5-6 critical updates just minutes earlier!

So – possibly a bug involving MS Update and NOD32? It’s recent behaviour, so maybe it was caused by a partial failure of the big patch the other (last) week. I’m no expert, and just speculating, but this IS real, and does appear to be an incompatibility/bug.

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