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Do Virgin Media support IMAP TLS/SSL any more?

I just thought I’d drop this in as a quick note / thought.

My parents use Virgin Media mail, which is now a rebranded tailored Google Gmail. As such, you can use it through the Webmail interface, and you can also use email clients such as Thunderbird and Outlook Express. As Virgin moved to Gmail last year, I moved her account settings to use imap.ntlworld.com, IMAP, using SSL/TLS security on port 993.

However, just today, it started returning an Outlook Express error for every folder except Inbox and Outbox: “Error Number: 0x800CCC0F”. Some Googling reveals general imap errors. Virgin themselves said Outlook Express 6 is no longer supported… fair enough, I guess… so I tried Mozilla Thunderbird.

When trying to set up Thunderbird, it complained that imap.ntlworld.com didn’t support SSL encryption. What?!? OK – I turned it off (port 143).. and it worked!

I then changed Outlook Express 6 back to non-secure IMAP 443… and that now seems to be working.

So – I suspect this is actually just a glitch, but the Thunderbird complaint is pretty clear. Have Virgin/GMail really withdrawn, or at least had a hiccup, with secure IMAP

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